5 Ways The iGaming Industry Will Change Due to Tech Advances

Everyone has one or two things to say about how the digital world has helped improve their lifestyle. In a certain way, people don’t have to go through the long method anymore due to better alternatives provided by recent technology. In fact, the effect has reached major industries in the world, including gaming. 

Constantly, the gaming industry goes through upgrades to deliver the ideal form of entertainment for the decade. For instance, at a time (the 90s), Tetris was the game of the decade, with Snake and Bouncing Ball Classic as runner-up’s; years later, games like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surf dominated. The latter was specifically designed for smartphones so that anybody using one would be eligible to play them. 

However, the iGaming industry got even better with online casino games, such as poker, sports betting, slots, etc. In the future, new technologies will enhance the advancement of this industry. 

5 Changes Set for the Future

  1. Improved Virtual Reality Experience

3D technology isn’t a recent one; it has been in existence for a century now. However, it wasn’t fully optimized to full potential back then because it was expensive. With recent developments, 3D films and games may be brought back even better. 

Marvel Films already set the pace for other gaming screens to follow. One of the advancements for the future of iGaming is the application of this technology by many software providers. Indeed, there is a good chance for an improved virtual reality experience. 

  1. Enhanced Games via Augmented Reality 

While Virtual Reality experience is about to become better, Augmented Reality (AR) is also taking a shot with new tech. This technology makes do of every other real thing around you and improves them. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat filters are AR technology. 

In the future of iGaming, AR will incorporate a real-world experience into gaming so that gamers can have a fantastic experience. DroidShooting is currently one of the AR-enhanced games. 

  1. Easy Gaming Access via Cloud Gaming 

Cloud Gaming is one of the gradually growing units of the iGaming industry. With a fast and stable internet connection, a seamless gaming experience is guaranteed with Cloud Computing technology. It also provides easy access to a wide collection of great quality games without the need for updates or game costs. 

Some Cloud Gaming optimized games are already available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. 

  1. Biometric Recognition – Face and Voice 

The future of gaming also involves the modification of credentials and accessibilities. There won’t be a need to use passwords or security codes to gain access to gaming platforms; instead, facial recognition by 3D scanning technology will be useful. Also, there will be disuse of gaming consoles to be replaced by voice recognition technology. 

  1. Wearable Gaming Experience

Currently, online games are limited to mobile devices. However, the future of iGaming with improving technology will involve wearables. You may never even have to depend on consoles with them. 

It is only a matter of time before online casino portals like meet up to these future demands. 

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