Everything You Should Know About the Neighborhoods of Memphis

Memphis is a beautiful city full of history, gorgeous architecture, and a work-life balance we should all aspire for. Whether you’re moving from out of state or just a couple of cities over, it’s a good idea to get to know this area before you land here.

These are the top things to know about the best neighborhoods here and what sets Memphis apart from the rest of the country.

1. What’s Best for Young Professionals?

Young professionals need a neighborhood that’s charming, affordable, and close to nightlife, and nothing’s better than East Memphis! This beautiful area has everything from budget-friendly apartments to excellent schools, bars, and stops that will ensure you have the time of your life- while still keeping you close to countless jobs. If you want to live somewhere that feels like the heart of Memphis and a great example of everything the city has to offer: it’s East Memphis.

2. Which is a Favorite for Starting a Family?

If you’re starting a family and want to live somewhere comfortable while also keeping it affordable, it’s time to consider Bartlett. This beautiful area is safer than most Tennessee cities, has countless amenities, and the local school system is a dream come true. 

Bartlet feels like a tight-knit community, making it easy to feel at home here while also leaving you feeling safer about your kids walking to and from parks and friends’ homes. This neighborhood also has some great commute options for anyone working deep in the city.

3. Which is Most Affordable?

Although most Memphis houses for sale are affordable, you should still expect to see homes that are all over the place financially. Cooper-young is an area where properties are extremely cheap and is one of the best neighborhoods for anyone trying to save money while having a space of their own.

This area has fun arcade game bars, countless shops, and unique destinations that will ensure you never get bored. Although it’s only safer than 25% of the other areas in Memphis, it’s worth it if you want a slice of affordable paradise. 

How to Make Sure You’re Ready to Move

If you’re considering moving to Memphis, it’s important that you plan ahead as much as possible. Not only does thorough planning ensure you’ll get the property of your dreams, but it also means you won’t have to struggle with the financial game of trying to keep up with bills and expenses all at once.

Try to save up at least three months of future expenses, covering everything from rent to groceries and gasoline, and try to find a job before you move out. The job market in Memphis is thriving, so it’s easy to find a perfect career path for anyone who wants it.

Memphis is Ready to Be Your Next Home!

Whether you’re moving here for work or to get away from the stress of major cities, it’s a good idea to stop and pick the best landing point possible. Consider one of these awesome neighborhoods for your next move.

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