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See 6 Struggles Only Big Butt Women Would Understand

Bum! Bum!

Having a very big bum could be appealing to make folks but the ‘natural asset’ also comes with its own challenges quietly endured by women.

Today The Buzz Life brings you 20 problems and struggles only women with big butts would fully understand and relate to.


Women with big butts will always encounters these issues when try to put on clothes.

*  Dresses that fit your waistline but pull up at the bottom because of your wide hips and big backside.

*  Taking hours to wear a pair of jeans or trousers that fit easily to your legs but refuse to cover your bum.

*  Your leggings become see through because the material becomes overstretched at the back.

*  You can’t wear mini skirts because your big butt will always wants to pop out to say hello.

*  No matter how well you tighten your belt, your underwear always want to make an appearance.


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