Secrets To Choosing The Best Umbrella company

When you’re a contractor, it’s important to choose the right umbrella company. Because the work can be so varied, it’s not always possible for companies to hire someone full time. Instead, many offer opportunities for contractors and freelancers who want temporary or part-time employment. Contractors have many questions when looking at umbrella companies, but there are five things that should stand out:

Check For Compliance

The first step in properly choosing your umbrella company is to check for compliance. You want to make sure that the company you choose has been compliant with labor laws, tax laws, and insurance laws

Look For Support

It’s important to look for support in any job, but especially as a contractor. It can be difficult to navigate the waters of freelancing when you’re just starting out or if you have big projects on your plate. That’s why it’s crucial that your umbrella company provides you with the tools and resources necessary to succeed—including things like financial support, health benefits, legal assistance, and more. The more they offer in this area, the better their culture will be (and therefore their company).

When looking at Umbrella company with which to work as a freelancer or independent contractor, ask yourself:

  • Does this company provide mentorship programs?
  • Do they have regular events where contractors can network with each other? Is there an opportunity for contractors within this organization who want to move up in rank within their field (such as from junior developer/designer roles into senior positions)? What type of opportunities does this organization offer for growth?

Ask About The Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is an important one, as it will give you a feel for how things operate at your prospective company. How long does the process take? What are the expectations for performance? You should also ask about what kind of training you can expect to receive, and how often that training will occur. Keep in mind that if there’s a lot going on at once, it might be difficult for your employer to provide consistent training opportunities.

Does The Company Offer Flexibility?

The fourth thing to look for is flexibility. You want to make sure the company you choose offers flexibility in terms of the hours you want to work, the location that you want to work from and how you want to work.

Many companies offer a wide range of shifts, including nights, weekends and even holidays – which means that it’s possible for contractors to find jobs almost any time they’re available. Some contractors have found success working remotely as well – this can be especially helpful if their commute would take up too much time during the day or if they don’t like dealing with traffic jams on their way into town every morning.


With so many great umbrella companies out there, we hope this list has helped you find one that meets your needs. If you’re still unsure about which company is right for you, give us a call! We’d be happy to talk through which options would work best for your situation and discuss any questions or concerns with you.

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