Steps a Top Facebook Agency in Thailand Will Take to Boost Your Brand’s Reach

For Facebook marketers, “reach” is the most important metric. According to the social media company itself, a brand’s reach on the platform is key to marketing success. Reach on Facebook is the number of users that engage with your Facebook page’s content. Facebook marketing experts review their clients’ reach in three timeframes – daily, weekly, and monthly. They aim to increase the brand’s reach in each period. How? They use three strategies. Firstly, they aim for organic reach by posting high-value content on their clients’ Facebook business pages. Secondly, they aim to go “viral” by posting valuable content that target consumers would benefit from sharing with their friends. Lastly, they use paid tools on Facebook to modify their clients’ campaigns.

Relevant and Time-Efficient Posts on Facebook

A top Facebook agency Thailand will know how to target the right audiences. These experts know Facebook’s algorithm in and out. They take various steps to ensure Facebook’s algorithm shows their clients’ posts to target users. For instance, “recency” is a vital ranking factor on the platform. Recency refers to how relevant a post is to users. Post valuable content on your Facebook business page when most of your followers are online. Those posts will score high on the “recency” metric. Facebook marketing pros go a step ahead and review the audience metrics for each post. They use the metrics to determine when most of their followers are active. Then, they use Facebook Post scheduling tools to consistently increase brand reach.

Real Engagements Increase Brand Reach on Facebook

Smart marketers make Facebook pages look real. They engage directly with the users via their clients’ business pages. These interactions make Facebook’s algorithm rank the business pages higher. Facebook marketing experts also help brands harness the power of live video. They help brands set up live streams, post helpful tutorials, and take other steps that boost engagement levels. A top Facebook agency Thailand can help small businesses extract the best reach out of Facebook’s algorithms.

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