The Ultimate Guide to Fixingcracked minecraft

There are three main causes of cracked Minecraft: mod updates, corruption of your game files, and improper storage.

Mod updates – While a lot of modern games can be played without any mods, Minecraft is different as of now, you can only enjoy the game without any mods but, just like any other game, mods are often used by players for various reasons.

Some of them want to increase the game’s complexity, others want to experience better gameplay, and others just want to make their game look more appealing. However, as mods get updated, so do the game files.

That means that the more mods are updated, the bigger the file sizes get, and the more likely it is that your files will get damaged.

Corruption of your game files – Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we can damage our game files. For example, your PC might not have enough RAM or a slow SSD drive this can cause the game to launch extremely slowly and take ages to save your progress.

Improper storage – It’s important to know that the more games you have on your PC, the more likely you are to get cracked minecraft.

That’s because games take up different amounts of space depending on their size if you have a lot of games or a lot of old games, your storage space might be taken up by them.

This will make it harder for newer games to get stored that’s why it’s important to keep your drive clean so that you don’t get your storage occupied by other games.


Easy fixes for cracked Minecraft

There are several easy fixes for cracked Minecraft you can try on your own:

Use an SSD drive

The faster your hard drive, the better your PC will run that’s because a hard drive stores your data as small, piecemeal files however, since an SSD drive is a lot faster than a hard drive, it can store much larger file sizes without getting damaged. That’s why it’s important to get an SSD if you don’t have one.

Clear your SSD drive

If you’ve been using a slow SSD drive for a long time, your files might have been saved which means that there might be residual files that are slowing your PC down so, if you don’t use your PC often, you should clear your hard drive to free up some space.

Update your PC

Sometimes, the game files get damaged because your PC isn’t very powerful that’s why it’s important to always keep your PC updated that way, you can be sure you have the latest version of the game.

Update your game mods

Some mods are designed to be compatible with only one version of Minecraft that’s why they often have newer updates that fix bugs, improve gameplay, and make the game look better than it did in the older version. That’s why it’s important to update all your mods to the latest version.

Don’t install too many mods

While there are lots of mods that make the game more fun, there are also a lot of mods that make the game a lot more complicated.

That’s why it’s important to know what mods you want to install if you try to install too many mods, you might not be able to install some of them and that might cause your game files to get damaged.

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