When and how to wear a Vest

Regardless of its shape or size, you need to have at least one vest in your wardrobe. The best can be found at a low price, but it’s an important part because it’s a dress that can make a big difference in your look. There are many great ways to wear a vest to suit any occasion.

Relaxed Date Nights: Vests are a great way to add sparkle to your dating look while looking laid-back and somewhat casual. Try this look for a movie date: Wear a burgundy sweater over a red and gray plaid shirt with dark gray jeans and a nice gray loafer. It looks neat and proper without looking particularly “classy.” Try dark jeans and gray cotton buttons with a black-tie vest for a more evening-friendly style, such as a drink at the bar.

Outdoor Wedding: It is always advisable to wear a three-piece suit with a vest for outdoor weddings. If you’re wearing a dark suit, don’t wear white buttons underneath (because of catering and restaurant staff). Instead, choose a striped or glazing shirt or a bright or bright plain shirt. The gray three-piece suit with white stripes is perfect for outdoor weddings.

This can be combined with a white oxford shirt and a blue tie with diagonal stripes for a formal look that reflects the lightness of an outdoor event. Of course, you can try different tie styles. A plain black slim tie gives a sophisticated look when paired with a striped vest.

Artistic Events: For events such as art shows and gallery opening, grab a gray striped vest from a three-piece suit and layer it on top of the other pieces. For a dull look that you’re still interested in, choose dark jeans, trendy black sneakers (such as Diesel or Pumas), a gray button-down shirt, and a dark gray or silver tie. 

Choose the same jeans with classic Converse One Star shoes and a screen-printed T-shirt for a more casual event. 

Conclusion: Even though the vest is a small and easy garment, it can make you look like you have spent more time and effort putting your clothes together.

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