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See The 11 Actors Who Appeared On-Screen Even After Death

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Many actors are idolized during their life; some remain in the memory of their fans forever. And only the chosen ones can appear on-screen even after their death. Sometimes it’s because of the need to finish a movie, and sometimes the creators’ goals are commercial.

The Buzz Life chose 11 amazing stories of famous actors’ “resurrections” in movies and commercials.

1. Bruce Lee, 1940-1973

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  • The shooting of Game of Death began shortly before Bruce Lee’s death. Opinions differed, but the creators decided that the footage was enough for the release of the picture. It came out 5 years after the actor’s death.
  • In the missing scenes, the movie creators used Lee’s stunt doubles in makeup, as well as technical tricks possible at that time. In one of the scenes, we can see Bruce Lee’s face cut out from cardboard on his stunt double.

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