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See 6 Effects The Solar Eclipse Will Have On The World

The Sun Goes Blank!

On August 21, millions of people all over some parts of the world will witness day turn to night (Solar Eclipse) as the moon blocks out the light from the sun, but there is more to the celestial spectacle than many think.

While all attention will be on the sun and the moon, many people’s surroundings will change during the brief moments of totality. The Buzz Life explains the 6 Major effects the solar eclipse will have on our planet.

1. 360-degree sunrise/sunset

See 6 Effects The Solar Eclipse Will Have On The World
night sky in focus

While everyone’s attention will be focused on the sky, looking down can reveal another scene that not many have experienced.

Spectators that look at the horizon during totality will witness the colors of sunrise and sunset around them in every direction.

This 360-degree sunset effect is caused by the light from the sun in areas outside of the path of totality and only lasts as long as the face of the sun is covered by the moon.


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