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See 9 Details That We Never Noticed in Famous Paintings

Da Vinci Codes!

Artists very often tends to leave special hidden messages in their artworks. But we are used to commonly looking at paintings as a whole, without paying attention to seemingly little details.

The Buzz Life has found 9 famous canvases that aren’t as simple as they seem at first glance. we added a bonus at the end too: an unknown artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, which may turn out to be another secret masterpiece.

9. The Whale That Wasn’t

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This very modest landscape has concealed the truth for 150 years. A restorer, cleaning the surface of the picture, found on it a painted whale, washed up on the shore. The artist Hendrick van Anthonissen decided to paint over it, thinking a work without a dead animal would be more popular with the audience.


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