5 Changes in iGaming Tech That Will Change The Future of the Industry

The advent of technology has led to the growth of almost every sector, and this is no less for the gaming industry. The gaming industry has boomed in the last few years, and we have moved from class games like Sanke and Bouncing ball to leading iGames such as PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty, xo slot etc. The easy accessibility and proliferation of the internet have made it easy for gaming companies to introduce mobile based games, which has immensely contributed to the spike of the industry. 

The iGaming industry will soon witness a major revolution in terms of the most immersive, reliable and secure games. Here’s a list of few trends that we anticipate are the future of the gaming industry. 

1.VR and more immersive games

Owing to the cost of creating 3D films, it saw a major downfall in the market. However, the technology is reviving again, and this time, we witness its introduction in the gaming industry. Many gaming companies are claiming to create games offering 3D graphics with VR technology. A slight version of it is visible in games like poker and rummy, and we are likely to see it at an advanced level, making the gaming experience more cohesive and engaging. 

2.Augmented reality for an amazing experience 

The filters on Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms are one example of Augmented reality, and after VR, the one major evolution in the gaming industry is AR. Augmented reality will help companies create a realistic gaming experience for users to feel like a part of the actual world. One can see the introduction of AR in games such as Droidshooting, but still, the companies are looking to explore it further and offer a more enhanced experience. 

3.Cloud computing for easy accessibility 

Companies across the world are reliant on cloud computing to secure their data. The trend of using the cloud-based network has increased after the global pandemic when companies are working remotely. The emergence of cloud computing in the gaming industry is the present reality. This allows users to access iGames at a click, similar to movies and shows. Cloud-based technology has also allowed gaming companies to create games for Android and iOS devices and reduce the cost at the same time. 

4.3D Avatar with Facial and Voice recognition 

Creating your own avatar in the gaming world is no longer a far-fetched reality with 3D scanning and facial recognition. Are you tired of gaming consoles and look for something automated and more convenient? Voice recognition is soon going to take over gaming consoles. This is evident among a few games now and will soon capture a huge share in the market. 

5.AI Gaming 

Wearable devices like Fitbit and Smartwatches may only be limited to cardio-vascular activities, calling and track day-to-day activities today, but the future trend is the integration of these devices in the gaming industry, where these devices will act as gaming consoles. 

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