How to Store Unopened a Glass of Wine

Maintain your wine collection in tip-top shape with these easy storage space ideas:

  • Temperature level Is Key

The perfect temperature level for storage space is between 45°-65°, several perfectionists keep their collection at specifically 55°. Anything above 70° can deteriorate the red wine, while chilly temperatures could dry the cork, as well as enable oxygen inside the container. Cooking area fridges should be kept at 40° or slightly below to make certain food safety, so the refrigerator is possibly not your best choice for long-term wine storage space.

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  • Pick a Dark Area

Avoid storing red wine in rooms that get plenty of sun, as UV rays can cause the wine to ruin too soon. However, it’s not just sunshine! If you have the choice, transform the lights off. Also, fluorescent bulbs can weaken the wine over time.

  • Always Store Horizontally

The direction you store your containers is crucial considering wine’s long life, yet many individuals don’t recognize they shouldn’t store them upright. This keeps the liquid against the cork, which stops it from drying as well as allows air to seep within. As opposed to maintaining your bottles depending on the kitchen area counter, purchase a wood wine rack that keeps them straight.

  • Avoid Moisture Extremes

The moisture sweet area for wine storage is between 50-80 percent. Anything too expensive may cause mold, while anything too reduced might dry the corks. If you’re worried that the air is also dry where you’re saving your wine, put a pan of water in the location or mist the wooden wall surfaces or Wine cellar [ห้อง เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term in Thai] with water periodically.

  • Know When Wine Is Past Its Prime

Even if it’s kept flawlessly, the majority of wine isn’t implied to last for life. Speak with your local wine store owner if you’re searching for a bottle that will last one decade or more. Otherwise, try to drink your reds within 3 years and whites within one year.

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