What is the importance of CNC lathes in the industry?

Industrial CNC lathe, this has several characteristics of its own, in relation to its functioning and importance in the manufacturing complex. When you intend to buy cnc machine (ซื้อ เครื่อง cnc which is the term in Thai), note that the CNC lathe has its operational command dictated by a computerized system and serves for the creation of cylindrical parts or with a design designed for revolution. It consists of two bases, which have two axes (x and y) attached to them, these are responsible for giving the dimensions of diameter and length of the manufactured objects. The item is fixed by the nuts, which are found on a plate that is on the central axis of the equipment. This is known as the spindle; this attachment point provides space for large pieces to be fitted.

Lathes are essential for the manufacturing process of specific parts in the industrial segment. The support for the lathe is very important for the inserts to be properly fixed to the parts. Utensils manufactured by lathes commonly have elaborate geometry, as these machines, when used in x and z plane movements, provide different designs to objects. Circular and linear movements can sculpt the most diverse types of projected designs. There are some that still have equipment that provides movements in the yec plane that allow even more fabrication options when machining the part. Cuts are based on speed (V) or rotation (RPM), object feed, and desired depth.

What Is The Application Of CNC Lathes In A Process?

There are several models of tools with specific utilities.

Since some are intended for lighter processes, which do not have violent friction, while others are made of very resistant material, they are highly recommended for high friction processes with hard materials. For the proper functioning of the lathe, it is designed to run with fixed cycles, as these ensure greater ease in programming.

In this way, the programmer only informs the profile that the final product must have. In these processes, thread cycles are also contemplated and the process is well oriented to give the item its final shape with possibilities to develop different designs on the pieces.

Cnc Advantages

  • Machine productivity increase;
  • Decrease in total production time;
  • Flexibility;

Carrying out a greater number of operations than conventional systems, simply changing programs for the machine to manufacture another product;

  • Precision;

They allow carrying out several operations with the same fixture of the part, minimizing repositioning errors;

Disadvantages Of CNC

  • High initial investment;
  • Demanding and specialized maintenance;
  • It does not completely eliminate human errors;
  • Need more specialized operators;
  • It doesn’t have such obvious advantages for small series.

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